LW Foundation Welcomes You to the 2021 Golf Tournament

L-R: Ruth Pechmann (LWF Lecture Series Coordinator & Communications),

Barry Jacobsen* (LWF Vice President), Donna Bailey (LWF President)

Not pictured are Pat Connelly* (LWF Coordinator of Challenge Days) and Carlyn Jokinen*

* Main Tournament Organizers

Additional Support Provided by:

Barry Jacobsen (LWF VP)
with advisors Addy & Schatzi

Peggy Dittberner (LWF Lifetime Member),
Chris Reinhold (LWF Grant Coordinator Understudy)


Cyril Fitzgerald, Ray Hirt, Carlyn Jokinsen

Barry Jacobsen (LWF VP)
with advisors Addy & Schatzi

And They’re Off

Men’s Low Scoring Team

L-R: Paul Maccioli, Cyril Fitzgerald, Rich Mann, Barry Jacobsen (LWF VP)

Vulcan Materials Team

L-R: Ralph J Hawley, Dean Gatzemeier, Bob Kimble (LW Community Mgr), Larry Pearson

A Lexus was the Prize for “A Hole in One” on Coyote Run Hole 6

L-R: Pat Connelly (LWF Coordinator of Challenge Days) and Lois Stockton

Decisions, decisions, what flavor of Jello shot do I want?

Special Tournament Activities

Mulligans: Mulligans were sold by Jack Stockton and Wendee Mourer before the tournament:  1 for $5, 5 for $10 and with no limit since making money is the purpose of the event.

50/50 Raffle Tickets: Tickets were sold by Doug Bailey and Mark Pechman with the assistance of Allanah Courson (LWF Secretary) before and after until dinner was served.

This year Mulligans were the big money earner!!!


Hole 6: A Hole in One: If someone gets a hole in one they win the Lexus (no one did this year) and we don’t have a Lexus each year.  Also at this hole we had jello shots available for a donation.

Hole 9: Many Flags Hole: At $5 per team they choose which flag they want to hit to AFTER they are on the green.  If they do not pay $5 they hit to the normal flag which is white.

Hole 14: Pay for a Birdie: For $5 per team, if someone scores a birdie they all move on to the next hole. If they do not pay $5, they play the hole out and score whatever score they finish with.

Hole 17: Roll the Die: For $5 per team, team roles the die.  If they roll 1, 2, or 3, they tee off from the 200 yard marker.  If they roll 4, 5, or 6, they tee off from the 150 yard marker.

Dinner and Prizes

Travis Fish (LW Director of Golf) and Barry Jacobsen (LWF VP) Lead the Evening Festivities

Mixed Division Winners

Dave & Margie Caves with Larry & Colleen Wolkosky

Dennis & Jill Heimpel with Steve Johnson & Sue Lorenzen

Kevin & Paula Clark with Terry & Cathy Lobdell

Men’s Division Winners

Barry Jacobsen, Rich Mann, Paul Maccioli, Cyril Fitzgerald


Ruth Pechmann (LWF Lecture Series Coordinator & Communications) and Donna Bailey (LWF President) mingle with guests, while Travis Fish (LW Director of Golf) announces the next prize

Participants had a good time and the LW Foundation Golf Challenge Days was able to raise $23,493, with another $500 anticipated!