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Presented by: Bill Harrison, “Arizona’s Road Scholar”

“Arizona is an enchanted land with limitless panoramas and distances dwarfed by the clear, dry air. A land of sage and cedar and mountain forest; of broad mesas and rich, peaceful valleys.” Roger Birdseye wrote these words in 1926, praising the exquisite beauty to be found in Arizona. At the time, he didn’t realize another magnificent landscape existed just under his boots. Kartchner Caverns in Southern Arizona are called “the last undiscovered treasures of the American West.” Two young men discovered the caverns in 1974. To protect the cave from vandals, they kept the location secret for 14 years. Today, Kartchner Caverns State Park attracts millions of visitors who want to experience this extraordinary environment. Grand Canyon Caverns, off Historic 66 in Northern Arizona, could be one of the largest caves in the world. Research indicates there are massive chambers yet to be explored in this dry, pristine condition after decades of tourists, still has intriguing secrets to share.

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