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Arizona Highways Magazine has approached the 100th year of business. As mainstream magazines continue to fail in the digital age, how has a publication that began as a brochure in the early 1920s continued to succeed for over nine decades? In this presentation, former publisher Win Holden will share the compelling back story of this world-renowned magazine and how it has not only survived but thrived using an unconventional business model incorporating licensing, retail ancillary products and featuring world-class landscape photographers. While owned by the State of Arizona and remaining part of the Arizona Department of Transportation, the magazine receives no state funding support. It’s a compelling and unorthodox story of a magazine that delivers over $65 million in annual economic impact to the state by enchanting subscribers every month in all 50 states and 100 countries.

A display by Leisure World Photography Club will be available at 5:30 to enhance the presentation.

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